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Is whiter skin good for you?

March 01, 2014

Back when poodle skirts were in, winged eyeliner was standard and Elvis's voice came out of every radio, another thing was all the rage: drugs. But they didn't have the reputation they do now. Far from it. Stars like Marilyn Monroe took pills from their doctors thinking that they were good for them. Why? Because they came from a doctor, of course.

But things are different now. People do their own research even before they step into the doctor's office. And if we can be wary about the medicine we take, why not with the creams, lotions and all manner of potions that we put on our skin? The cosmetics industry, while regulated, still lets so many things slip through the cracks. For example, did you know whitening cream can actually heighten your risk of developing skin cancer? Think about it this way: whitening creams inhibit melanin production to make skin appear lighter. Melanin gives our skin it's color, but it also acts as a natural SPF. Without it, our skin, which is already thinned because of the harsh bleaching agents, doesn't stand a chance against the sun's harmful rays.

Luckily, there are some things to look out for:

- Hydroquinone. A popular ingredient in whitening creams, considered harmful if it comprises more than 2% of the cream. Can cause cancer, skin burns and irritation.

- Mercury. Toxic once it enters the body, and almost impossible to remove once it's there, this poisonous ingredient causes liver and kidney damage. Yikes!

- Many women who have used whitening or bleaching creams say that they work, but here's the catch: once they stop using them, their skin turns darker than it was originally.

So what can you do to protect yourself? If you just can't live without a whitening cream, perhaps to lighten melasma or acne scars, try something gentler like a BB Cream, or using natural methods (more on that later). BB Creams, like our Beauty Republic BB Cream, are less concentrated, and act to brighten skin instead of changing it's color. And don't forget to apply SPF religiously, even if it's cloudy and you'll be at the office all day. Sunscreen prevents premature aging, skin cancer, and further darkening of our "beauty marks." Now that's a cream that I can't live without.

Share your insights on Facebook and for bonus points: Do you use SPF religously?

Love and bright skin,

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July 20, 2014

Hi, yup this article is truly good and I have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging. thanks.

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