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Afraid of red lipstick?

September 12, 2014

Wear red, 4 fearless ways.


We've all been there. It's girls night and you haphazardly applied your red lipstick in a dark taxi, only to discover the horror when you look in the mirror two hours later. Maybe you've seen it all over the red carpet and can't quite find the courage to try the look yourself. Or maybe you're just tired of that "straight-from-the-tube" look to your favorite red lipstick. It happens. Here are four ways to wear this classic shade it in ways that Marilyn herself would approve.

Red lipstick can be a scary thing, especially if the women in your family aren't really lipstick people. (FYI, it's the complete opposite in my family). There's something about red that grabs everyone's attention, and sometimes you just want to fly under the radar. Try applying your favorite lip balm then dabbing a bit of red on top. Blend it in with your finger to keep it looking really natural. Wipe off your finger and blend again if you want to tone down the color. Once you're ready, build up the intensity.

A full glossy red pout can take on a life of its own, especially when you're at a family gathering or giving a presentation at work. No one wants to look like they're trying too hard. Turn down the volume by choosing a matte red. The effect is more subtle, and if your lips are more Angelina than Jennifer, a matte finish will make your lips appear less prominent. Don't have a matte red? Apply your favorite classic shade then gently place a sheet of tissue on your lips. Dust some translucent powder on top to cut the shine.

While we don't have winter here in the Philippines, you can still wear your lips like you just walked down Champs-Élysées in December.  Make sure to nude out your lips with foundation or concealer first, to make the look more modern. Similar to a stain, apply a sheer wash of color concentrating on the center of your lips only. Pounce the lipstick on your lips and feather color outwards, so that the corners of your lips are nude. This look may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely different. If Queen Amidala were to step out in 2014, I'm sure she'd rock her red lips like this.

Forget what everyone says about red being too sexual. Even if you're a rabid feminist (yes, I'm guilty), you can still find the joy in wearing a red lip. The downside is, red is a lot more high maintenance than other lip colors. To wear your "confidence-in-a-tube" all day long, keep touch-ups to a minimum. That means spending an extra couple of minutes doing it right in the morning.  Use a little concealer and powder around your lips to keep the color from bleeding, then apply with a lip brush to keep things neat. Blot with a tissue and reapply. Repeat. To get rid of "lipstick teeth" stick your (clean!) finger in your mouth, purse your lips, and pull your finger out. Yes, it sounds totally wrong but this is the best way to remove the color from the inside of your lips without messing up your work. Try it!

Love and very red lipstick,

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