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5 tips to wear red lips (the right way)

November 15, 2017

5 tips to wear red lips (the right way)

A lady can never have too many lipsticks, and a beautiful red is one of the first things a beauty junkie ever buys. It's deceptively simple to wear, but think of these few tips for your next holiday party and take your favorite red lipstick to the next level. 


1. Matte and shimmer, made for each other.

The holidays tend to make us more heavy-handed with the glitter, but remember this: matte lips and shimmery cheeks, OR matte skin and glossy red lips. It's either one or the other, so don't overdo it! 

2. Prep your canvas.

There's nothing worse than beautiful red lips and nothing else on the face. Red lipstick is a classic that demands respect, so at the very least, make sure to de-shine your skin and fill in your brows. It'll give you a more polished look.

3. Give your blush a rest. 

Again, respect the red! Let it shine and don't apply blush, or else the two reds will compete with each other, making you look overdone. 

4. Say no to the lipstick ring!

The Christmas season means Christmas snacks, so make sure that red lipstick is food-proof. There's nothing worse than looking at your family Christmas photo and seeing yourself with a ring of lipstick with bare lips right in the center! Apply, blot, then reapply. Better yet, use a lipstick top coat like this.  

5. Don't be shy. 

Let's face it, red lipstick can be scary. Many girls (including me) like to save it for special occasions only. But what's more special than this time of year? Don't apply the thinnest possible coat with your finger and call it a day. Be daring, and slather it on straight from the tube. 

BONUS: Experiment with different reds! Depending on your mood, or how much time you spent at the beach this year, you might want something a little unexpected. Save 25% on all red lipsticks here.

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