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Skin Whitening

There is beauty in balance

April 21, 2014

All this talk about whitening may look like I want to wage war on all girls who ever purchased a bottle at their local department store, but that’s not the case. There’s nothing wrong with wanting slightly brighter, more luminescent skin, or with wanting a golden tan. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Read on...

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Is whiter skin good for you?

March 01, 2014

Back when poodle skirts were in, winged eyeliner was standard and Elvis's voice came out of every radio, another thing was all the rage: drugs. But they didn't have the reputation they do now. Far from it. Stars like Marilyn Monroe took pills from their doctors thinking that they were good for them. Why? Because they came from a doctor, of course. Read on...

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White Skin and the Battle of Good vs. Evil

February 01, 2014

Quick! Describe the typical Megan Fox movie role in 3 words. I'm thinking sexy (more like OVERTLY sexy), male fantasy (that counts as one!) and evil. Ever notice how her raven-haired and "mysterious" characters are always pitted against do-gooder blondes? Think "Jennifer's Body". Heck, think all the way back to "Confessions of A Drama Queen". Yes, I admit, I saw that movie. Read on...

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Is whitening cream the fountain of youth?

January 01, 2014

I know, I know, many of you may have your alarms blaring, sirens wailing, saying NO. There's no such thing. But for many people, there is such a thing. In fact, there are many such things to choose from that it's almost dizzying just to walk through the skin care aisle. Read on...

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Why men dig white skin, and why you should't care.

December 01, 2013

Think fast, what's the most common phrase that comes to mind when someone says "ideal man"? Of course: tall, dark, and handsome. What about for the ideal woman? Well, there are a lot more phrases to choose from, but a classic one is just a single word "fair." In one sense, it means light-skinned, but in a another sense it means beautiful. None of this is by coincidence. Keep reading...

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Why do we whiten?

November 01, 2013

Every corner of every shelf in the beauty department has the word "whitening" plastered on it. Before and after photos showcasing the awesomeness of whitening products are almost impossible to avoid. Sometimes on billboards several feet into the air, the word "whitening" glows in all its majesty. Read on to find out why...

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