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CarmenClaire Makeup

CarmenClaire Makeup

Makeup is fun, so finding the right shade of lipstick shouldn't give you a nosebleed. CarmenClaire is all about bringing out your unique beauty, in the simplest and easiest way, while still keeping it fun.

Here, you will not find fifty shades of lipgloss that will make your head spin. You will, however, find Supergloss in six amazing shades that'll give anybody a powerful pout. You won't find a heavy duty concealer that covers everything in its path. Instead, Covert Operations will help you lovingly Neutralize and Minimize flaws while letting your skin look like skin.

Made in the U.S., most of the goodies are free of breakout-causing Talc and Paraben. You'll also be happy to know that no animals were harmed in the making of this makeup.


Want to look and feel great just by being you? It starts with a lot of love, and of course, a little bit of makeup.