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8 Day Eyebrow Fixer - SOLD OUT


Brows on fleek for 8 days!
Draw eyebrow shape you want before going to bed.
It acts like a self-tanner while you sleep.
Uses Dual Coating technology, which is stronger than water-proof.
Elastic brush enables you to draw eyebrow precisely. 


How to use:
1. After cleansing and before skincare, fill in eyebrow area with brush of this eyebrow fixer. If you apply it after skincare or makeup, it will not last as long. The best time to apply is before going to bed.
2. After 6 hours, the color turns more brown and acts like a self-tanner on your skin.
3. Use it 3-4 days straight, and the effect will last longer.


Note: 8-day effect may differ from person to person.




NOTE: This product expires in 3-4 months.

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