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Beauty Republic BB Cream - SOLD OUT

Beauty Republic

Finally a new twist on your favorite BB Cream!


Now available in 2 variants:

Green Touch - with built-in green makeup base, great for neutralizing redness and for extra-oily skin.

Original - that same formula you know and love, great for all skin types, or if you don't really have a problem with redness.


Beauty Republic BB Dramatic Tinted Cream Skin care and makeup, together at last. Nourishes and hydrates skin while simultaneously minimizing blemishes and evening out skin tone. A unique formula that comes out white but blends into skin tone upon application, thanks to micro-capsules full of effective skin care ingredients and pigment.

With SPF protection, skin firming qualities, Dramatic BB Tinted Cream supplies nutrition and antioxidants to your skin, with enough coverage to banish imperfections. Smooth application provides the ideal natural color to perfectly match individual skin tones with our special released color microcapsules. Contains grape seed oil to prevent skin damage and oxidation of pigments (great if you have acidic skin!)

Applies easily and smoothly, unlike conventional BB Creams which take a little extra effort. Just apply a pea-sized (or even less) amount, dot around your face and gently pat into skin. The white cream will magically transform to match your skintone. Long-wearing and water resistant, perfect for Manila weather! 



Beauty Tips
Shade Guide
  • Check out YouTube beauty guru Say Tioco Artillero's review (Original Formula):




  • Not sure how much to apply? A little goes a looong way so use about half a pea size and you'll be good to go. Too much will give you that geisha look!
  • This product magically blends to match your skintone, however it may look a bit ashy on very dark skin.



NOTE: This product expires in 3-4 months.

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