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HQ Anti-Aging Mask



Comes in unique "minidose" packaging, resealable and great for travel! Also makes a great Christmas gift.

3 USES. Suitable for lined, untoned skin, age 40 and up.

HOW IT WORKS: Immediately moisturizes skin, for a smoother, less tired look. Your skin will look amazingly bright, even, more youthful, smoother and fresher. Its texture, high in moisture and rich in anti-aging technology, improves the look of your skin from the moment it is applied. The active ingredients moisturize and stimulate, alleviating signs of tension and bring the glow back to your skin. Also fights free radicals and stress caused by aggressive external agents and age.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Biomineral trace elements, Panthenol, Gluconic acid, Beta-carotene, Hyaluronic acid, Caffeine. 


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